At Think Infrastructure we've positioned ourselves at the front-end of infrastructure development. Our competitors call it 'strategy-to-action'. We call them tossers but our legal team said we really should watch our mouths.

We believe infrastructure is not just about taking steel and concrete and making stuff. It's about building New Zealand from the ground up and generating solid ROI while keeping New Zealand's community interests top-of-mind.

From the get-go we nut out what's important to you, driving deep to understand your idea. Then with our first principles approach, we conceive and develop a plan and strategise, before delivering our commitment with maximum innovation.

How we Roll

As a client we know there are only two things on your mind; the colourful shirt and pointy boots you’re wearing or, perhaps it’s a solution to a problem and a good feeling...READ MORE

We’re proven

We have done it before. Think Infrastructure does not need to cut and paste from previous projects. Our track record of actually getting into the issues to identify what is...READ MORE

Its all about you

Sleep well. Relax. When engaging with Think Infrastructure you become the Boss and we work bloody hard to learn what keeps you up
at nights...READ MORE