Road Maintenance Alliance Procurement

Auckland City Council (now Auckland Council)

“There has got to be a better way” was the thought process behind the examination of alternative procurement methods to deliver road maintenance across the Auckland CBD.

Sandip worked with Auckland City on the production of tender documents and evaluation method, programme management and assistance with facilitation of team culture programme for Western Transport Road Maintenance Alliance.
A business case was built to approve the use of a competitive alliance. From here leadership was provided to a team tasked with executing a tender selection process that included an interactive process specifically designed to engender innovation and behaviours that could be carried into the contract.

Wiri PPP

Department of Corrections

With not a lot of money for infrastructure the government has sought a kiwi made PPP  formula to deliver depserately needed infrastructure. The  PPP at Wiri is New Zealand’s pathfinder for privately funded public infrastructure. The team at Think Infrastructure have supported the Corrections Wiri PPP from initial studies through to the ongoing procurement phase. Experiences to date include:

  • Initial site evaluation and configuration options analysis
  • Definition of  Service Need
  • Management of Technical Inputs to the Initial Business Case
  • Preparation of designs, phased capital cost plans and risk allocations into a comparator project
  • Preparation of operational cost metrics for the comparator project
  • Preparation of  Technical procurement documentation
  • Subject matter expertise and due diligence for the Works and Cost evaluations


Property and FM Direction

Department of Corrections.

Leadership and responsibility for capital works, operational maintenance and property management across a $2.8bn property portfolio. Financial management and delivery programming of all works to deliver functional imperatives and mitigate key service delivery risks.


Econometric Modelling

Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Dedicated to ensuring the key participants in the financial system remain robust and viable and that monetary policy adequately balances the need for economic growth without excessive inflation.  To achieve this advanced econometric models were Developed by the lads at Think Infrastructure to provide input into the decision making process which our consultants have since been involved with over the years.

Salary Equity Review

Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry.

Demonstration of salary relativities to the market and the cost of correcting discrete under-market pay in core areas of the Ministry, which were incorporated in a comprehensive business case which satisfied The Treasury that MAF warranted significant investment in salary funding (securing $42m over four years in new funding), and securing of a three year collective agreement.

Environmental Programmes Business Cases

ARC (now Auckland Council)

Preparation of Environmental Programmes Business Case for 2007 to 2010. Including facilitation of Objectives Workshops, risk based analysis of policy analysis and alignment of financials imperatives with Council Leaders.


Research Assignment

Bank of England

The world needs research so Richard conducted academic research in conjunction with Professor Charles Goodhart (London School of Economics) into the impact of news on financial markets (testing the “efficient markets’ hypothesis”). Resulting publications included:

  • Smith R G and C A E Goodhart.  The Relationship between Exchange Rate Movements and Monetary Surprises:  Results for the United States and the United Kingdom Compared and Contrasted.
  • C A E Goodhart and R G Smith.  The Impact of News on Financial Markets in the United Kingdom.  Journal of Money Credit and Banking 1985.


Personnel Modelling

Ministry of Defence.

Financial and Personnel modelling workstream for the 2009/10 Defence Review covering New Zealand’s defence requirements for the next 25 years.

Litigation Support for United Goninan vs Rail Corp NSW

Mallesons Stephen Jaques.

Litigation support to a Sydney based law firm in their representation of United Goninan in the May 2009 Arbitration hearings in their claim against NSW RailCorp. The dispute arose after delays to a $1.2bnAUD rail car manufacture contract first signed in 2002.

Sandip contributed to the Expert Witness report by analysing and writing the detailed events that supported a Contract Disruption claim of $400mAUD. This involved leading a team of 18 analysts in the task of reviewing over 3000 disruption elements, providing an independent opinion of the losses attributable as a result of actions and counter actions of United Goninan and RailCorp.