Throughout history our small nation has always gone beyond the call of duty and boxed way above our weight. And now, that sentiment is more important than ever. It’s a tough old world out there and only the fittest, the strongest, and the smartest will survive. In New Zealand we believe we have what it takes and we will prevail.

At Think Infrastructure we’re sick and tired of you good-for-nothing couch professors shard-glued to your stuffy couches bellowing good-for-nothing advice to your countrymen and women while doing diddly squat. And as for you talk-back regulars don’t even get us started. Who do you think you are?

What’s that? You think the government should be doing more? The ABs need to look at their lineout tactic? Look here. It’s not their job to serve up your future on a platter. They’re simply there to lay down the foundations. It’s your job, our job, to build on them and raise the stakes, and take New Zealand onward and upward. Now get off that phone, log-off your Facebook page, turn off the tellie, and design your own future ya muppets.

It all starts in New Zealand’s backyards, the sheds and kitchens, our neighbourhoods, our infrastructure boardrooms. That’s where our No.8 wire mentality comes from and has done us proud thus far. But it is now time to move away from blokes in sheds and No.8 wire. So come on New Zealand, stand up and be counted. Or fade away forever. Your choice, your destiny.

Then there’s you lot buggering off across the ditch. Think you’re kinda smart dontcha? Well the truth is you’re nothing but traitors. Sure, it’s alright to split for a few years and travel, work, and live overseas. But if you decide to permanently settle elsewhere with the upbringing, education, and health provisions you were blessed with in New Zealand, you’re no Kiwi at all in our minds.

We give a shit about this place, our home. Think Infrastructure actively works to meet the challenges New Zealand faces and we will never stand on the sidelines waiting for someone else to do it.

And it is to this end Think Infrastructure will retain a portion of net revenue in the ‘Fighting Kiwi Charitable Trust’. The revenue collected will then fund the costs of Think Infrastructure associates providing pro-bono consulting for not-for-profit and charitable organisations. We’re doing this because we want to take a stand and play a part.

Kia kahaAotearoa.Ka kite ano.