Disputes are counter-productive for any assignment and can severely impact on budgets and outcomes. So while our competitors are busy employing expensive high street lawyers to complicate and extend things here at Think Infrastructure we ensure disputes are resolved briskly with a minimum of impact on your project.

We work closely with business owners, government agencies, legal counsels, insurance companies, contractors, engineering firms, and architects – for the preparation, presentation, evaluation, and resolution of all types of construction claims and disputes.

Our experience means we can keep the wheels spinning on your project while design and construction issues between consultants, contractors, and clients are resolved in a timely, cost-effective, and informal manner. However, when a more serious litigious approach is required, Think Infrastructure draws on the strength and experience of suitably qualified professionals, with well-manicured hair and dress-sense, to prepare the evidence for court proceedings. Lovely stuff.

Our construction litigation and dispute resolution services include:

  • Claims Preparation & Analysis
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Mediation & Arbitration
  • Litigation Consulting
  • Litigation Graphics
  • Expert Witnesses